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Pharmacy Marien in Aldenhoven

Floor and Counter made of Jade Green

Architect: Klaus Bürger Architektur

Photographer: Uwe Spoering

Completion: 2020

The two pharmacy entrances, each on an outer wall of the building, create an L-shaped floor plan. In order to visualise to the arriving visitor that the space goes even further, the HV table was placed in the space as a curved angle. An elongated light band on the ceiling and a curve of recyclable pure MAGNA Glaskeramik in the floor and as a polished counter covering support the curve of the counter. At the ends of the legs, the recipe room is located on one side and the consultation room on the other. The floor covering accompanying the HV table expands at these ends into the two rooms. The basic mood of the room is characterised by light and bright cream and beige tones on the walls and in the travertine of the flooring. Smoked oak on the HV table and the fast-moving drawers creates a light-dark contrast and radiates the natural warmth of wood. The golden anodised aluminium shelves float like a light glow above the solid fast-moving drawers. The pale turquoise of the Jade Green Glaskeramik in the counter area and in the floor in front of it brings visual coolness and freshness. In addition, the laboratory floor was also laid out in Jade Green pure.