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Official colors

Our MAGNA Glaskeramik products get their color from the careful selection of the glass source. Depending on the surface, there are also differences in the natural translucency.
We have material libraries in various countries, i.e. hand sample collections, which offer the opportunity to examine and haptically experience our MAGNA Glaskeramik material samples.

to the material libraries

Raindrop Clear

Is made from recycled tempered safety glass, which was used as cover glass for thermal solar collectors and photovoltaics.

Stormy Grey

Is made from the glass of specially coated solar panels from the industry.

Innovative color variety and its variants

LEDs for backlighting

Since the colors of MAGNA Glaskeramik are translucent, they can be varied by backlighting with colored LEDs.

Interspersed color powder

In addition, there are no restrictions for very individual customer requests regarding the variety of colors. We have the possibility to mix color powder from ceramic dye and apply it to the glass shards in our manufactory. You could call it MAGNA Glaskeramik-Art, because this process already has something artistic about it: The unique play with colors!

Of course, the ceramic color powder is completely natural, non-toxic and sustainable and our colored material is still recyclable. By using this type of Glaskeramik, there is no mixing of different types of glass. This is a great advantage, otherwise it could affect the stability of the material.

Please note that these are project-specific one-offs and no samples are available. If you would like your own colour variation, we would be happy to prepare a quotation in this regard and send you the details.

Mix of colors from different types of glass

A mixture of different waste glasses is also possible after technical testing, e.g. a mix of lighter glass and green bottle glass.