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Our products offer you a choice of three unique finishes: MAGNA Glaskeramik pure, polished and matte.


pure | polished

The polished surface in the top row stands out with its shiny, mirror-like effect. Further processing emphasizes the crystalline structure of the surface and creates special 3D effects. This gives your products impressive visual depth and brilliance. Light reflects off the polished surface, giving the material a luxurious sheen. This surface is perfect for those who want a sophisticated and elegant look.

The pure surface is the natural surface created directly after production. It is characterized by a rough texture with relief. This unusual feel originates from the layered, fused-on glass shards and comes into its own in an outstandingly purist way when exposed to indirect light (see bottom row).

polished | matt

Compared to the polished surface, the matte surface (always on the right in the picture) is characterized by a subtle and elegant appearance. It does not exhibit any reflective effects and has a pleasantly soft feel. The matte surface absorbs light and creates a calm, even look without reflections. This option is ideal for those who prefer an understated yet stylish look.

Whether you choose the pure, polished or matte surface, we offer you an absolutely high-quality material with impressive aesthetics. Choose the surface that best suits your individual style and requirements. MAGNA Glaskeramik will be happy to advise you.