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MAGNA Glaskeramik are used in the kitchen, for example, in the form of kitchen worktops. Cut-outs for cooking lines, wash basins and holes for fittings can of course be made without any problems.
The patinated surface is recommended for kitchen worktops, as it has a Mohs hardness of 6 and is therefore largely scratch-resistant.
MAGNA Glaskeramik has a closed surface. Maintenance and care of the material are very easy to handle without any special requirements, since it is made from 100% recycled glass without the use of resins or chemical additives. MAGNA Glaskeramik is therefore a hygienic and stain-resistant material that does not require chemical sealing or impregnation. Any stains and impurities can be easily removed with hot water and universal glass base cleaner.

Polar White polished

Design: Tala, Joe Armitage | London, UK | 2018

Polar White pure

Work surface + Bar | Design: Victor Ruiz | Madrid | 2018

Pearl Black pure

Design: RBS Elektroinstallation GmbH | Place: Germany | Potsdam | 2019

Jade Green polished, 20+20 mm

Design: Lucas Mueller, Arcass Architekten | Stuttgart, Germany | 2007

Jade Green pure, light

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London, UK | 2010


Ocean Blue pure

Design: Coverings etc. | Miami, USA | 2010

Ocean Blue, polished

Design: Lavisio | Wien, Österreich | 2015

Forest Green polished

Nelson Design | London, UK | 2017

Forest Green matt

Design: Walker Zanger | USA | 2019