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Store design

Store equipment and product presentation in an impressive way for inspiring shopping experiences!

Leading fashion brands set a new standard in sustainable store design with MAGNA Glaskeramik and create positive emotions among their customers with a unique shopping environment. Our material perfectly sets the stage for the high-quality product - be it as an illuminated wall segment, counter and table, overlay, shelf, and much more.

Marienapotheke Aldenhoven

Conversion Marienapotheke, 2020, Klaus Bürger Architecture, Photos: Uwe Spoering

Floor Jade Green pure | Counter Jade Green polished

Apotheke Fortuna Düsseldorf

Sales counter in Jade Green polished and backlit, Klaus Bürger Architecture, Photographer: Uwe Spoering

A Day´s March Stockholm

Store design and merchandise presentation for A Day's March, Stockholm, 2023, realized by our partner Hallidens Granit

Jade Green, Ocean Blue and Polar White polished

Di Bel Fashion Store Berlin

Di Bel Fashion Store Berlin, Stormy Grey polished

Other Stories London

Other Stories (H&M) Store London and further 20 stores all over Europe, overlays polished in Forest Green

Helena Rubinstein Shanghai | Tokio | Hongkong

Fine store fittings for over 40 luxury cosmetic stores in the Asian market.

Basic colors Polar White and Black Pearl and additional customized colors Turquise and Ice Nugget Violet.

Bohemia sparkling wine Pilsen

Realization by our partner Pro Ceram, counters backlit in Polar White

Wine rack

Back wall wine rack 1800 x 630 mm in Polar White pure, backlit. 140 holes, wooden rods on metal screws to support the wine bottles.