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About us

Being located in Teutschenthal, Germany, MAGNA Glaskeramik possesses full patented rightsfor the sustainable production of a unique, environmental and exclusive material under the trademark of Glaskeramik®.

A building and interior design material made of 100% recycled glass, industrial and glass bottles, being the final piece itself fully recyclable. MAGNA Glaskeramik has developed a crystallization course, where parts of the production are hand-made; acquiring a unique translucent optic that allows a crystal-like brilliance effect when shone upon by light and thanks to which, each slab is different, but always maintaining a full recycled glass composition.

The parent company MAGNA Naturstein GmbH is one of the biggest distributors and fabricators for natural stones in Central Europe, based in Loitsche/Magdeburg, Germany. MAGNA Naturstein works with over 100 production associates in both indoor and outdoor service, on a surface area of over 100,000 m2 meters, of which 45000 m2 is indoor floor space. We demand and guarantee the highest quality standards for the workmanship of our natural stone, glass ceramic, quartz composite and large ceramic wares.