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Design objects

With its flexibility and uniqueness, MAGNA Glaskeramik offers designers countless opportunities to realize new ideas and visions. This is evidenced by numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Award 2012, Interior Innovation Award 2014 or the material price ecology of the space test 2016 as well as numerous national and international press articles.

True to the motto "Everything is possible", MAGNA Glaskeramik actively supports the development of new products and designs. For this reason, a multitude of exciting products made of glass ceramics such as side tables, lamps, stools, curved washstands and other accessories have already been created.

Order design objects made of MAGNA Glaskeramik online. Make your home unique with a unique piece from MAGNA Atelier.


Design: tala, London

Tala is a British award-winning lighting brand based on Vyner Street in east London. Founded in 2013, the company specialises in low-energy LED lighting products that recreate the warm glow of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Grand piano

Fairtrade Masters of LXRY, Amsterdam | Opreij & Beisterveld, Stone & Skills, Jan Reek natuursteen, Stone Company | designer: Sandra Jansen | Pearl Black pure, curved, backlit

Sol & Lune Mobilé

Design: Cécile Planchais

In the Sol & Lune Mobilé project, French designer Cécile Planchais decided to combine MAGNA Glaskeramik with another innovative material: Ultra High Performances Fiber Concrete (BFUHP). The mobile comes from a series of signed Cécile Planchais design objects and is part of the series "Sensitive material of the landscape".
With a width of 35 cm and a length of 68 cm (without rope construction), the Sol & Lune Mobilé by Cécile Planchais combines MAGNA Glaskeramik in the colors Ice Nugget, Light Gray and Light Gray Green with the fiber concrete BFUHP in the color white mother-of-pearl. Their production of the sun was carried out by Ringot & Vilarecci, a partner in the Greater Paris / Northern France area of MAGNA Glaskeramik, by cutting the innovative material into thin strips to create a genuine inlay of MAGNA Glaskeramik.

Elbow Table Set Magna Chrome by Caussa

Designer: Andreas Kowalewski

The Elbow Coffee Table series is characterised through its distinct graphical lines and light form language. The unique MAGNA Glaskeramik plate, in combination with the minimal base structure, gives the table set its contemporary elegance. By that the design embraces a combination between the classic and the modern. MAGNA Glaskeramik plates are fired and shaped in a complex process and the color “Ocean Blue” comes from the shards of the recycled water bottles. The table set offers numerous arrangement possibilities in the living room.


Design tables by PULPO

Side tables FONT LOW | FONT HIGH | FONT ROUND (small - large - high)
Design: Sebastian Herkner
Color: Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Jade Green, Polar White, Champagne Brown

Material: MAGNA Glaskeramik (100% reject material from industrial glass production)

Information: Our material is made exclusively by hand and manufactured individually. This type of production makes each glass unique. Handicraft tolerances are always proof and expression of real handicraft. Small irregularities, small bubbles, streaks, color variations and small dimensional deviations are characteristic of an individually handmade product.

Furniture design by DEUTSU

Coffeetable NAMI

Designer: Ulrich Bähring, Björn Bertheau, 2015

Material: steel, MAGNA Glaskeramik Ocean Blue polished, solid wood

Foto: copyright Deutsu GmbH Creative Design & Engineering Studio


Coffeetable BERGSEE

Designer: Ulrich Bähring, Björn Bertheau, 2015

Material: steel, MAGNA Glaskeramik Ocean Blue polished, solid wood

Photos: copyright Deutsu GmbH Creative Design & Engineering Studio