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Light is an essential part of any room design and can contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere. One way to achieve interesting lighting effects is through backlighting materials. In this technique, a light source is placed behind the material so that it is illuminated from behind.

When using RGB LED's, backlighting MAGNA Glaskeramik can generate a natural variety of colors. The material itself serves as an excellent light diffuser, so the light is evenly and softly distributed. If a distance of about 5-10 cm between the material and the light source can be ensured on site, even simple LED strips can achieve full-surface backlighting.

If the installation depth is very low, it is recommended to use surface light. In this method, the material is illuminated from above by a light source, so that it is uniformly and flatly illuminated. Backlighting glaskeramik is suitable for a variety of applications, such as wall panels, furniture, or even large room dividers.

Polar White pure, backlit

Cannon Place Station, Lightwall, London, 2011

Ocean Blue pure, backlit

Club "Star", Bremen | design + realization: popup bau, Herford | photos: Martin Stöver Fotografie, Weyhe