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Interior walls

Glaskeramik is predestined for use as interior wall cladding in the representative area (entrance, lobby) of high-quality, urban facilities due to its eye-catching shards structure. The size of single panels is limited only by the maximum dimensions of the glass ceramic panels of 3500x1500 mm pure and 3400x1400 mm polished. The attachment can be flexibly designed and, to save weight, the standard thickness of approx. 21 mm (55 kg / sqm) can be reduced to up to 15 mm, depending on the installation situation (lift).

The use of simple profiles and cassette systems is possible. With the help of custom-made Glaskeramik can be bent into certain shapes. Thus, for example, the production of hinged doors in the entrance area, rounded shower walls in individual radii is possible.

Light grey | green polished

Brewerie Warszawskie | Warsaw, Poland | architect: JEMS | 100 qm

Ice Nugget doubleside polished

Penthouse ´Windows retro-illuminated´ | Valencia, Spain | architect: AlvaroNavarroStudio | photo: Mayte Piera

Ice Nugget polished, illuminated

Walk-in wardrobe | Switzerland | Ice Nugget double-sided polished, backlit | Photo: Mirco Portolani

Polar White polished

Wall-door combination private residence | Czech Republic | design and technical solution:

Polar White pure, illuminated

Hotel Castiglione, Paris | architect: Remy Lacau, Lacau & Associés, Paris | photo copyright: © Jean-Pierre Cousin / OMNIA

Wall cladding dental practice | Vienna | 2019

Masdar City Station, Abu Dhabi | architects: Foster+Partners

Cannon Place Station, Lightwall | London, 2011

Polar White pure

Naturalia Shop, Paris | architects: Kengo Kuma, 2011

Polar White polished, backlit

Office building Brook Drive | London

Creme White

Brown splash protection film on the reverse side: Infobox St. Sebalduskirche, Nuremberg | photo: Marcus Bleyl


Jade Green pure

Elevator hall | Madrid | 2018

Jade Green pure

Guangzhou, China | architect: Prof. von Gerkan, Marg + Partner, Hamburg

Jade Green polished

Waterwall in the entrance area, Vienna