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Press releases

In recent years, the material of MAGNA Glaskeramik has increasingly garnered attention worldwide and has been the subject of TV contributions and various press releases. In these articles, the advantages and applications of MAGNA Glaskeramik in various fields were highlighted.

Some articles focused on the use of MAGNA Glaskeramik in the field of architecture and construction. For example, MAGNA Glaskeramik façade cladding was presented as a durable and robust alternative to other materials. The material was also used in interior design, such as wall cladding or room dividers.

Another focus was on the use of MAGNA Glaskeramik in the field of art. The unique structure and color palette of the material were highlighted, which opened up new design possibilities for artists. Impressive works of glass ceramic were presented, especially in the field of sculptures and object art.

The use of MAGNA Glaskeramik in industry and mechanical engineering was also addressed in some articles. Here, the high resistance and heat resistance of the material were emphasized, making it ideal for use in the chemical industry, oven construction, or the production of high-temperature equipment.

Overall, the press releases helped to raise awareness of the applications and benefits of MAGNA Glaskeramik. The versatile applications and unique properties of the material make it an interesting alternative to other materials.

Press releases Germany

• Infobox, Sebalduskirche; Nürnberger Zeitung | 03.2016
• Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn, Glaskeramik-Pavillon im Mehr.Wert.Garten; Südwestpresse | 05.2019

• German Architects 09|2018

Trade press Europe

• Source-à-idées | 03.2018
• Batiproduits | 03.2018
• SOLS MURS PLAFONDS | 03/04.2018
• Light Zoom Lumière | 03.2018
• Hotel&Lodge Business meetings | 03.2018
• l`ARCA International French, Italian, English | 05/06.2018
• Traits Urbain | 05/06.2018