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Projects undercut anchor

The hitherto most widely used fastening system for curtain-type, ventilated facades (VHF) with glass ceramic uses an undercut anchor specially developed by fischerwerke for the material.
Façade panels with this system are cut from the factory and drilled and anchored by MAGNA Glaskeramik. Thus, an invisible and large format (up to 3500 x 1500 mm, depending on the static calculation) attachment with minimal joints and connection to standard facade systems with horizontal profiles possible.
Magna Glaskeramik offers a comprehensive project service including support for static calculation and detailed solutions such as reveals or corner designs. The system Magna glass ceramic with anchor FZP-GZ has an official approval according to European Technical Assessment ETA 16/0302.

Fraunhofer Institut IPA, Stuttgart

Architects: Gewers Pudewill, Berlin | Installation: Dodel Metallbau | 1850 sqm Polar White pure | 2021/22

Bauhaus Museum | Weimar

Architect: Heike Hanada | Installation: LED facade lighting Felix Estl, Derflix | Ice Nugget pure | photo: Andrew D. Alberts


Architect: Markus Kasuch, Xanten | installation: Minnebusch GmbH - Dach- und Fassadenbau | Polar White pure

Folkwang Museum | Essen

Architect: David Chipperfield | Jade Green + Creme White pure

Talbot Gateway Council Offices | Blackpool

Architects: Aedas Architects, Manchester | developer: Muse Developments Ltd. | 2014 | Polar White pure

Bassengbakken 2 | Trondheim, Norway

Architect: Agraff | Jade Green pure

Case study reference-project Bassengbakken

Augenzentrum Michelfeld | Stuttgart

Architect: Heinle, Wischer + Partner | Jade Green pure

Sparkasse Hilden

Architect: Krieger, Velbert | Jade Green pure

Dashwood House | London

Architect: Hunter Evens, London | Jade Green pure

Büros und Wohnungen Lenné-Dreieck | Berlin

Architect: Petzinka, Pink und Partner | Jade Green pure

Museum Abtei Liesborn | Wadersloh/Dortmund

Architect: Prof. Dieter G. Baumewerd | Jade Green pure

Stadthalle Esslingen

Architect: project gmbh + archimedialab | Jade Green pure