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The colour of the MAGNA Glaskeramik results from the chosen glass source and its inherent opacity or translucency; nevertheless we have some ability to generate different outcomes with the same material with some programmed adaption, research and also via lighting.

Polar White: waste glass from the protective ultra-white glass used in PV production

Ice Nugget: sourced from recycling 6-8mm thickness low-iron glass waste

Jade Green: sourced from recycling float glass, whereby its iron content provides the green hue

Stormy Grey: made from the glass of specially coated solar panels from the industry

Ocean Blue: sourced from recycling blue coloured mineral water or beer bottles

Sky Blue: sourced from recycling light blue coloured mineral water bottles

Forest Green: sourced from recycling green (usually beer) bottles

Champagne Brown: waste from the production of beer and German Champagne brown bottles

Pearl Black: produced from the defective production of grey float glass sheet

Raindrop Clear: made of toughened safety glass, which was used as cover glass for thermal solar collectors and photovoltaics

It is also possible to vary the color by means of backlighting or to create new colors and patterns by sprinkling in particles.


Pure | polished

The surface pure (below) in direct comparison to the polished surface.

Polished | matt

The polished surface (left) in direct comparison to the matte surface.


The natural surface existing after production is pure, offers a unique feel and plays with indirect light irradiation. Through further processing, the surface can be polished, which brings out the crystalline structure with special 3D effects. The third possible surface we offer is a distinguished matting.

All colours are in stock sheets

2800 x 1250 mm pure finish | polished* | matt*

3500 x 1500 mm pure finish | polished* | matt*

*Polished or matt finishes can have smaller sizes, e.g. 2700 x 1200 mm or 3400 x 1400 mm

Slabs are also available as half or quarter slabs.


20 mm Standard

special thickness 16-30 mm for all surfaces

12 mm for pure surfaces

Finished work according to submissions