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MAGNA Glaskeramik is a company that offers a wide range of applications for both outdoor and indoor use. The company specializes in producing high-quality products that can be used in various fields.

In the outdoor area, MAGNA Glaskeramik can be used to clad facades. The material is robust and resistant to weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use. Sculptures and other design objects can also be made from MAGNA Glaskeramik, creating unique accents in outdoor areas.

In the indoor area, MAGNA Glaskeramik offers numerous applications for interior walls and furniture. Especially in the field of washbasins and showers, but also in kitchen worktops, counters, and desks, the material can show its strengths. MAGNA Glaskeramik is also suitable for design objects as well as elevators and stairs due to its high durability and resistance.

Overall, MAGNA Glaskeramik offers a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor use, enabling versatile and high-quality design of spaces and objects.

Exterior Interior
Facades interior walls
Gravestones furniture
Sculptures washbasins and showers
  kitchen counters
  design objects
  elevators and stairs